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Artificial Boxwoods

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For Event Designers:

Event planning and design can greatly benefit from beautiful affordable and re-usable artificial boxwoods.

Set Production - Studio set designers have become repeat customers once they experience how easy and quick this high quality plastic boxwood product is to use.

Live Shows - Live shows such as horse jumping events where animals are involved benefit from inedible faux boxwoods and they will not damage the animals. (or humans!)

Privacy - Hotels and resteraunts have used fake boxwoods to create stunning privacy barriers for the patrons that resist damage and retain the well to do atmosphere enjoyed by beautiful environments.

For Designer Specialists:

Home decor designers have delivered outstanding designs using our evergreen and hih durability artificial boxwoods.

Interior - We offer several interior fake boxwoods in hedge, bush and ball designs

Exterior - We offer UV resistant plastic boxwoods that apply to wood or concrete easily, or hang beautifully, depending on your designs

For Home Crafters:

The award for having the most fun in the use of our product lines is still ruled by the home crafters. Thanks for your support and keep going! We love to see your awesome projects! :)