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Accent Your Wedding

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One of the biggest, most special days of your life can be your wedding day. Your family and friends come together to celebrate the love you share with your partner. While there’s a lot of joy and happiness, there can also be a lot of pressure to make your celebration the event of the decade. At Geranium Street, we want to help alleviate some of the pressure you may be feeling as your wedding day approaches. Take a look below to see how we can help accent your special day.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge

While we do offer to custom make boxwood hedges, we also offer the ability to rent our standard 8’H x 4’L x 15”W hedges. Perfect for creating privacy and forming interactive backdrops, add to your wedding atmosphere in efficient and exciting ways. Public spaces can become private, backdrops can become three-dimensional, etc.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Arch

Artificial boxwood arches are the perfect way to seamlessly frame the bride and groom on your special day. With all eyes on the soon-to-be husband and wife, why not create a natural frame for you two lovebirds? The arch adds to your elegant atmosphere without detracting from your adorable nuptials.

Mini Hedges

In addition, miniature boxwood hedges add color and style to ordinary wedding aisles. Craft the aisle of your dreams to accompany the wedding of your dreams. The mini hedges are just tall enough to create the perfect aisle way and just short enough to add to, not negatively detract from, the beautiful atmosphere.

Media Hedge

A well of untapped potential, artificial hedges can also house flat screen televisions to play a slideshow for the bride and groom’s favorite memories and the moments that led them to their special day. Play memory montages, embarrassing photos or a live feed of the wedding festivities.

Take your wedding to the next level with Geranium Street’s rental services. These products will undoubtedly set your wedding apart from the rest. Our customers don’t need to hassle with storing, moving or setting up any rented landscape. We services the entire Southern California area, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Temecula, and beyond. Call (760) 891-6492 for more information or a quote today.