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Custom Artificial Boxwood Hedges

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At Geranium Street, we know and appreciate that not every space is the same. For this reason, and many others, we are proud to be able to offer custom artificial boxwood hedges. Customize everything from your dimensions to your base to ensure your boxwood hedge doesn’t just fit, but it fits you and your space as well.

We’ve been proud to supply our clients with premium, customized artificial boxwood hedges we build ourselves, right here in San Diego, California. Having our own local shop and team or professionals allows us to offer you the ability to design your own hedge from the ground up. Almost no size is too small or too large.

Our premium artificial boxwood is UV Rated, Weather Resistant and Maintenance Free. By designing a custom artificial boxwood hedge, you can be sure it’ll fit your space and once it’s installed, you’ll never have to work about watering it, caring for it or the sun getting the better of it.

Benefits of a Custom Artificial Boxwood Hedge:

  • Design it to Match You and Your Space
  • Choose the Materials that Work Best for You
  • Never Worry about Maintenance or Additional Care
  • Easily Create Privacy or Divide Your Space

With a custom artificial boxwood hedge, they’re no space you can’t divide or privacy you can’t create. Don’t hesitate, order your custom hedge today!

If you’re currently pondering the notion of ordering a custom artificial boxwood hedge, I’d encourage you to take a look and see some of the custom hedges we’ve helped create in the past. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide our customers with top of the line, premium products. If you would like more information about the possibilities that lie ahead when you choose to design your hegde, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 or email geraniumstreet@gmail.com today for answers to any questions you may have.