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Design a Custom Living Wall

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Living walls are beginning to cover boring, bland surfaces all around us. More and more people, business owners and corporations are deciding to take their property surfaces to the next level by creating a living wall. In no time at all, a living wall transforms a 2-D surface into a 3-D, interactive backdrop.

Not only do living walls add a touch life to your space, but they also create an immediately fun backdrop. Living walls add texture, color and variety to ordinarily plain walls. Geranium Street offers the option of customizing your living wall. Through a variety of artificial greenery, including boxwood, dragon mat and succulents, Geranium Street can create the living wall you’ve been dreaming about adding to your space.

Geranium Street’s living wall products are UV rated, maintenance free and weather resistant. Whether your living wall is indoor or outdoor, it’s sure to boast a colorful green year round. Create a fun background, conversation piece or even craft your company's logo out of a living wall. I compiled just a few places a living wall would add to the surrounding atmosphere.

Great Places for a Custom Living Wall:

  • Storefront Facade
  • Hotel Check-In / Concierge Backdrop
  • Bridge / Walkway Handrails
  • Restaurant / Cafeteria Buffet Islands
  • Office Lobby / Entryway

No matter which wall you decide to transform into a living wall, the addition will undoubtedly add to the atmosphere you previously created. Available for purchase in pre-arranged and assembled grids, Geranium Street’s living walls are easy to hang on your pre-existing wall. However, Geranium Street doesn’t limit your creativity. You can pick up a pre-arranged grid or design your very own living wall in no time at all. Cover that bland surface with an artificial living wall today!

What are you waiting for? Transform your ordinary wall into an extraordinary living wall today. If you have any other questions about living walls, how to create your own or want to discuss how adding a living wall can transform your space, please give our Sales Manager, Martin, a call at (760) 294-9063. We’re ready to help you define and transform your space with a living wall.