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Introducing: The Nerd Cube

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Brand new and available exclusively from Geranium Street, the Nerd Cube will surely be your new favorite planter. A perfect centerpiece, desk topper or porch accessory, the Nerd Cube seamlessly adds a touch of fun to your space. Fill it with succulents, flowers or anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless and the choice is up to you.

Inspired by the 20 sided die from Dungeons and Dragons, the Nerd Cube was made to house multiple small plants at once. Crafted at our own shop in San Diego, California, this fun planter can hold up to 15 miniature plants at one time. The oval shape of the cut holes on the lower levels allow the 2” pots to easily tilt and stay in this unique pot. Made from aluminum, the Nerd Cube is easy to bend, shape and alter to fit your space requirements.

Available for purchase and delivered right to your door, the Nerd Cube arrives flat. Part of the Cube’s originality is its aluminum body and craftable ease. If this makes you nervous, not to worry! We’ll show you how to bring it to life quickly and simply. Just imagine all the fun you could have with your very own Nerd Cube. Take a look at our “How To” video below:

What to do with Your Nerd Cube:

  • A Centerpiece: Place it in the middle of your kitchen, dining or coffee table to spark a conversation and call attention to this new planter.
  • A Porch Accessory: Place your Nerd Cube by your front door as a fun and special greeting to each person coming to your home.
  • Your Desk: A clean, crisp aluminum planter, the Cube will undoubtedly fit right into your work space adding a touch of life and fun.

Easy to assemble and even easier to move, the Nerd Cube would make the perfect addition to any space. The above location list is only to get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are truly endless. I’d love to know where you would put a Nerd Cube or where you plan to put yours once it’s delivered and assembled. Let me know in the comments!

Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is an exclusive distributor of the Nerd Cube. Visit http://geraniumstreet.com/the-nerd-cube/ and grab this fun, new planter today. If you would like more information about the Nerd Cube and how to get your hands on one, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 today for answers to any questions you may have. Your Nerd Cube awaits, order one today and let the fun begin.