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Make Your Wall a Living Wall

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A new offering from Geranium Street, Living Wall panels will quickly transform your space and certainly liven it up. Now available for purchase directly from our website, living walls bring a surge of life to any ordinary wall. Forget that plain, boring stucco, cement or plywood wall you’ve been forced to stare at in the past. Now, you can create your very own living wall in no time at all.

Mixed greens of various colors, styles and types set this living wall apart from the rest. Like many of Geranium Street’s product, this artificial living wall is UV treated, weather resistant, maintenance free and fire retardant. That’s right, it will survive anything you try to throw at it. In addition, it appears real to both sight and touch. The greenery variety included in the panel provide a lush and appealing appearance.

Maybe you’ve been staring at that flaking stucco piece too long, slyly peeling off strips of wallpaper or watching that paint start to chip away on any one of your walls. If you can relate to any or all of the above, it might just be time to turn one of your walls into a living wall. Turn boring into exciting, stagnant into lively, with a living wall.

Great Places for a Living Wall:

  • Your Home’s Entryway / Hallway
  • Any Hotel Lobby or Room Wall
  • Office Conference Room
  • Coffee Shop or Restaurant Wall

No matter which wall you decide to transform into a living wall, the addition will undoubtedly add to the atmosphere you previously created. Available for purchase in pre-arranged and assembled grids, Geranium Street’s living walls are easy to hang on your pre-existing wall. Cover that bland surface with an artificial living wall today!

What are you waiting for? Transform your ordinary wall into an extraordinary living wall today. If you have any other questions about our living walls and what they can do for you please give our Sales Manager, Martin, a call at (760) 294-9063. We’re ready to help you define and transform your space.