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Our Creative Customers

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Our products may be limited, but our customer’s imaginations certainly are not. When we get the opportunity, we like to follow up with our customers to see the various ways in which they have chosen to use our products. For example, our popular artificial boxwood hedge mat has been used to create backdrops, create privacy and as part of a living wall.

We value our customers and their genuine creativity. Here are a few ways in which they have chosen to creatively put three of our most popular products to use:

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat:

The Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego completed a beautiful, but extensive, renovation in 2015. During the renovation, construction crews and machinery were working on restaurants, the courtyard and the back of the Hyatt. During this time, Geranium Street was proud to partner with the Hyatt to provide hedge mat to cover an existing transparent fence separating the construction from guests and hotel visitors. Here, the artificial boxwood hedge mat was used to establish a creative, beautiful barrier between the Hyatt’s construction and their valued guests.

Artificial Boxwood Bush:

Often, the most popular use for our artificial boxwood bush is for horse jumps and horse shows. The boxwood bush is a perfect addition to equestrian jumps because of its UV rated and harmless to horses. However, every once in awhile, the boxwood bushes are used for something entirely different. Recently, one of our customers used artificial boxwood bush to create a surrounding around her lakeside dock.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges:


We are used to creating custom boxwood hedges. However, we’re not always prepared to see how our customers end up using them. Sometimes the hedges are meant to create privacy, other times they’re meant to divide space. Here, are two instances in which our hedges were used as both privacy dividers and interactive backdrops.

If you’d like any additional info on the various ways in which our products can be used, give Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, a call today at (760) 294-9063. Geranium Street can provide the top quality products, but how you use them is entirely up to you. The possibilities are endless. We’d love to hear your creative ideas and how you would use our products. Let us know in the comments!