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Pesky Pets?

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There’s no better time than summer to be outside, enjoying a little sun, getting a little tanner as the days go by. During the summer, your backyard can become your escape. Take a good book, some music and you can lounge carefree in your backyard for hours. While music can drown out numerous distractions, one sound that tends to be louder than your headphones is your neighbor’s dog.

Sometimes just my accidental presence in my neighbor’s dog’s point of view triggers a long barking contest I’m never sure has a clear winner (but, it’s definitely never me). When I’m just trying to relax and enjoy a little peace and quiet, the dog’s banter can be a little annoying. However, don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. I can’t imagine a day without mine. So, how can I enjoy a little sun and music without having to constantly drown out my neighbor’s dogs?

The answer is both simple and beautiful. Geranium Street’s artificial boxwood hedges will not only block you from your neighbor’s dog’s eyesight, but they will also provide noise reduction. So, even if the dog sees you and begins to bark, the artificial hedges will reduce the amount of noise reaching you, allowing you to, once again, truly relax in your own backyard.

Benefits of Boxwood Hedges:

  • UV Rated
  • Maintenance Free
  • Weather Resistant
  • Offer Noise Reduction
  • Create Privacy

Artificial boxwood hedges from Geranium Street can also be customized to fit any dimension you desire. Their qualified team can create a hedge big or small, flat or contoured. A perfect fit for your backyard, frontyard, porch, patio, etc., Geranium Street’s artificial boxwood hedges will undoubtedly add to your home’s atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to create a little added privacy from your neighbor’s dog, or your neighbors, with Geranium Street’s help, it’s easy to define your space and create privacy. Call Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, at (760) 294-9063 today to discuss anything and everything Geranium Street has to offer. Take your backyard back this summer. Let Geranium Street help you recapture the relaxation potential of your own backyard.