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Small Space? Dream Big.

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At Geranium Street, we know the size of your space may not always be as big as you want it to be. However, we don’t believe that should keep you from defining your space as you’ve always dreamed. Our newest product was designed with that notion in mind. The Mini Hedge will add to your limited space without filling it up.

The Mini Hedge stands at just over three feet high and just under three feet long. This miniature version of our standard artificial boxwood hedge is easy to move, adjust to where you want it and won’t take up too much of your space. Just like our traditional large hedge, the Mini Hedge comes fully assembled with a composite wood planter and the lush, green boxwood applied to a durable steel frame.

This hedge is perfect for crafting privacy in smaller areas. The artificial boxwood is UV treated, weather resistant and maintenance free. Appearing real to both sight and touch, the artificial boxwood applied to the Mini Hedge will surely add to any atmosphere you’ve created.

Where to Put the Mini Hedge:

  • Restaurants - craft table and party privacy with ease.
  • The Pool - create a poolside barrier or structured walkway.
  • Patio - whether at home or a dining establishment, divide your outdoor patio space in minutes.
  • Backyard - assemble a determined play area for your dog that’s fun and easily changeable.                                              


The composite wood planter is made from 100% recycled plastic right here in the United States. With traditional wood planters the risks of water and termite damage are always present. However, the recycled plastic planter will never get soggy, chip or fall victim to termites. Instead, it will be the one thing in your yard, restaurant or patio that you’ll never have to tend to. Geranium Street knows design can be important as well. These planters can be easily painted to match any color scheme.

Your space may be small, but you don’t have to alter your big dreams to fit the size of your space. At Geranium Street, we build and assemble the Mini Hedge ourselves at our San Diego location. If you have any questions about our mini artificial boxwood hedges and what they may be able to do for you please give Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, a call today at (760) 294-9063.