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Summer Privacy

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There are few things more satisfying than a day well spent at the beach with friends, family or even just yourself and a good book. However, one thing the beach can always guarantee is sand. You’ll find it in your hair, your shorts and in your car after you get home. There’s no escaping it.

Those lucky enough to live by the beach often invest in outdoor showers to rinse off the excess sand they’ve accidentally brought home. An outdoor shower is a small investment with a big reward. You no longer have to worry about tracking sand from the front door all the way to your shower. Less clean up is always a good thing. Unfortunately, it can be hard to create additional privacy for your outdoor shower. Your home is not the beach, you don’t expect, nor do you invite, others to watch as you rinse off.

This summer, I’d suggest creating privacy for your outdoor shower with Geranium Street’s artificial boxwood hedges. Just one or two strategically placed boxwood hedges can provide privacy and deter passersby from gawking while you rinse the sand off after your day at the beach. This is just one instance where boxwood hedges can quickly create privacy around your home this summer. Take a look below to get a better idea of the full capabilities of an artificial boxwood hedge from Geranium Street.

Using Boxwood Hedges to Create Privacy this Summer:

  • Privacy Fence: use boxwood hedges to keep your legendary parties exclusive.
  • Porch/Patio Privacy: line the exterior of your patio with boxwood hedges to keep your children safe.
  • Window Pane Privacy: add boxwood hedges to window sills to create additional privacy within your home.
  • Pet Privacy: keep your pets from outsmarting a chain link fence by using boxwood hedges to line your predetermined pet areas.

These are just a few examples of how artificial boxwood hedges can quickly and easily be used this summer to seamlessly add privacy to your home. Geranium Street’s boxwood hedges are maintenance free, weather resistant and UV Rated. They won’t fade in this blazing summer sun, nor will you need to repeatedly add water in an attempt to keep this greenery alive. In addition, Geranium Street regularly builds custom boxwood hedges. Whether you’re looking to create a lot of privacy with eight feet tall boxwood hedges or add a touch of privacy with two feet tall hedges, Geranium Street can help you create privacy this summer.

With Geranium Street’s help, it’s easy to define your space and create privacy with custom sized hedges this summer. Call Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, at (760) 294-9063 today to discuss anything and everything Geranium Street has to offer. It’s your space, and whether you’re looking to fill it, or divide it, we’ll help you craft privacy in the size that work best for you.