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Add Pizzazz to Your Equestrian Course

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Equestrian courses can be fun, exciting and challenging all at once. Each course designer brings his or her own style to their course making each course a unique experience. Geranium Street has a variety of equestrian products designed specifically to help add pizzazz to your equestrian course.

The 20 inch artificial boxwood bush is Geranium Street’s most popular equestrian product. While it does have a variety of uses, it is most commonly used for equestrian jumps. The boxwood bush is UV rated, weather resistant and maintenance-free. Best of all, this bush is absolutely safe for the horses. It can be added or removed from jumps in minutes.

If color is what your course is lacking Geranium Street’s star and ruffle brushes are the perfect solution. Available in a multitude of colors, the brushes will instantly bring alive any equestrian jump. Just like the artificial boxwood bush these ruffle and star bushes are completely safe for the horses. With pink, blue, yellow and purple flower options available there's no reason not to add color to your course today.

Available Equestrian Products:

  • 16” or 20” Artificial Boxwood Bush
  • Star or Ruffle Brushes
  • Lemon or Pygmy Grass
  • Artificial Azaleas

Geranium Street’s lemon or pygmy grass is a great option for adding a little extra greenery to your course. Safe for the horses, these grasses will fit right into any existing course design. These options can easily be used in tandem with the boxwood bush, star and ruffle brushes. With options like these available for order today why wait? It's never been easier to add pizzazz to your beautifully designed equestrian course.

If you’re currently wondering how to add life and color to your equestrian course, I’d encourage you to take a look and see Geranium Street’s exceptional equestrian options. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide its customers with top of the line artificial equestrian products. If you would like more information about Geranium Street’s vast array of equestrian options, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 today for answers to any questions you may have or to get started adding pizzazz to your equestrian course.