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DIY: Surfboard Living Wall

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Recently, we came across a few images on Pinterest that peaked our interest. We saw a few surfboards that had been turned into living walls. Our curiosity and creativity immediately peaked and we wanted to see if we could build one of those for ourselves.

First, we found a used surfboard for sale. The seller as moving onto a better board and gave us a great deal. The board had been through a lot and the tip had gone onto bigger and better things. Next, we outlined a diamond in the center of the board. Once we had our outline, we started to disfigure the board.

Using a hole saw, we made the first cut. Punching a hole in the surf board allowed us an entry point for our sawzall. Using the sawzall, we cut along our diamond outline. Once we had the diamond shape punched out of the center of the board, we used a file to smooth and straighten the edges of the diamond.

In an effort to stick to what we do best, and take it easy on ourselves our first go at this, we decided to create a faux living wall for the surfboard. We cut out a the diamond shape on one our our metal grids. One we knew it would fit, it was time to get creative with our greenery selections.

With a mix of greenery and a few red azaleas to top off our mini living wall, we began to attach the greenery to the grid. Once we had the design set and the greenery attached, it was time to insert the grid into the surfboard. We inserted the grid of greenery, took a step back and marveled at our creation. Safe to say, we were stoked with the outcome.

At Geranium Street, we’re always looking for a new creative project to throw ourselves into. We can’t wait to try our hands at a few more of these surfboard living walls, next time with real plants and a new design. If you have a new idea you’d like us to try next, please drop us a comment. We’d be happy to give your fun, creative idea a try.

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