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Protection and Privacy

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Geranium Street’s products make it easier to create and add privacy to your space. However, in addition to added privacy, Geranium Street’s products also add protection. Protecting your family, your property and your privacy has never been easier. With an assortment of options available, you can create your desired level of privacy and protection in no time at all.

Ways to Create Privacy and Protection

Artificial Boxwood Hedges can be customized and created to achieve your desired level of privacy. The hedges allow you to add a maximum level of artificial protection by choosing the height and size of the hedge that works best for you. Add hedges around your home’s perimeter, add a hedge extension to an existing fence or strategically place hedges that will divide the open space around your home.

Geranium Street’s Artificial Floral Options include azaleas and boxwood balls. While these options may seem smaller, they can be strategically placed to add protection and privacy to your space. Both the flowers and boxwood balls can be used to hide or protect smaller areas within or around your home.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat is one of Geranium Street’s most popular products. The hedge mat can be easily attached to most surfaces to add your desired privacy and protection. The hedge mat can add density and depth to an existing structure.

Geranium Street’s Artificial Ivy is the perfect answer for anyone looking to add a little privacy and protection. Available in single and double sided rolls, the ivy can easily be attached to an ordinary chain link fence.

Benefits of Artificial Privacy and Protection:

  • UV Rated Options
  • Maintenance Free
  • Weather Resistant
  • Variety of Options

If you’d like any additional info on how to add protection and privacy to your home, give Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, a call today at (760) 294-9063. Geranium Street would be honored to help your home become more safe and secure.