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​Comic-Con: Custom Hedge Letters and Rental Hedges

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Custom Hedge Letters from Geranium Street USA, and Evergreen Event Rental made an appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con last weekend. One of San Diego’s best and largest annual events, Comic-Con International hosted panels from your favorite shows and movies, featured pop-up shops and sets, and welcomed over 100,000 people. At Geranium Street, we were proud to play a small part in this grand convention hosted right in our backyard.

The uniqueness of each artificial boxwood hedge letter we custom create is a challenge we readily and proudly take on whenever we get the chance. Each letter is built with a custom interior frame we fabricate ourselves in San Diego. Once the frame is built, we attach our premium artificial boxwood hedge mat to bring the letters to life.

FX Network’s newest show, Mayans M.C., hosted weekend long festivities on the lawn of the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. As part of their amazing set, they wanted boxwood hedge letters to rest in front of the spectacular views of the San Diego Bay. As soon as we were asked about the possibility of making it happen we couldn’t wait to get started. The custom hedge letters stood 4’ tall and complimented the atmosphere nicely for the weekend.

Custom Hedge Letters at Events:

  • Trade shows and conventions
  • Industry showcases
  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Entertainment expos

In addition to creating custom hedge letters, we also rented over 100 artificial boxwood hedges for various events hosted at Comic-Con. Through our rental company, Evergreen Event Rentals, we rented and delivered our standard 8’H x 4’L x 15”W hedges to the Hard Rock Hotel downtown and to the Tin Fish restaurant.

At the Hard Rock Hotel, our client wanted to create privacy for the events being held in the Hard Rock’s 207 Bar throughout the weekend. The bar’s patio opens up and looks out onto L Street downtown, directly across from the San Diego Convention Center. With thousands of people sure to be passing by each hour, the rental hedges were used to make the otherwise public bar feel private and exclusive for the Comic-Con infused festivities bound to go well into the night.

One of the most talked about parts of Comic-Con this year had to be the recreated set for The Good Place. Building facades were erected, a giant fork stood tall, and guests were welcomed to experience all the goodness from this truly amazing set. The show was brought to life for all to experience first hand in a way only possible at Comic-Con.

If you’re currently considering choosing Geranium Street to help custom create your next project, or even just to rent our boxwood hedges, I’d encourage you to take a look and see what we have done for our clients in the past. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide our customers with top of the line, premium products. If you would like more information about the possibilities that lie ahead when you choose Geranium Street, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 or email geraniumstreet@gmail.com today for answers to any questions you may have.

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