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The Modern Day Phone Booth: Artificial Boxwood Hedges

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The phone booth has somehow become synonymous with Superman throughout the years. Though rarely seen in Superman’s history, both in comic and cinematic representations, we’ve all been led to assume Superman has, at one time or another, gone from Clark Kent to Superman in a phone booth. Unfortunately, in this modern era, it’s hard to find a decent photo booth on the street.

In an effort to keep Clark Kent’s options open when he’s in dire need of executing a quick change into Superman’s tight-fitting attire, I propose a new type of street corner “phone booth:” artificial boxwood hedges. By adding just a few boxwood hedges to city sidewalks, you’re assuring Superman has a little privacy should he ever visit, need to make a quick change and save a life or two.

Artificial boxwood hedges aren’t just practical , they’re also versatile. This new sidewalk “phone booth” wouldn’t need to be exclusively for Superman. The artificial boxwood hedges can easily be arranged and rearranged to create a secluded room, boxed to create an inviting, public photo booth, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Sidewalk Editions: Artificial Boxwood Hedges

  • Changing Room (for Superman only
  • Photo Booth
  • City Bulletin
  • Meeting Place
  • Art Feature

These are just a few ideas to show how beneficial the addition of artificial boxwood hedges would be for a town. Best of all, artificial boxwood hedges are UV rated, maintenance free and weather resistant. Once added to a city sidewalk, the hedges could be permanently set or left easily adjustable. In addition, they appear real to both sight and touch and would undoubtedly beautify any city sidewalk.

If you’d like any additional info on how to improve your town’s chances of seeing Superman roaming your streets, give Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, a call today at (760) 294-9063. Geranium Street would love to help bring Superman to your hometown. If something as simple as the addition of a modern day phone booth made from artificial boxwood hedges can get one of the world’s greatest superheroes to your city streets, wouldn’t it be worth it?