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We Took the Craft Fair Circuit by Storm

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We spent the last few weeks traveling to a few craft fairs around San Diego. We were in Oceanside, San Marcos and Escondido. Along with a high level of excitement, we brought with us our Nerd Cubes, Mini Rovers, succulents and crafting supplies. At the end of our tour, we ended up with a lot of great feedback and some great memories.

One of the best parts of our booths quickly became the crafting table we set up. We had clay pots, paint, glitter, pipe cleaners, etc. and kids were encouraged to stop and paint decorate their very own pot. They could then take the pot with them and add anything to the inside that they wanted. Or, if desired, we had mini succulents available that would easily fit right inside the small two inch pots.

At Geranium Street, we value creativity and ingenuity. We absolutely loved seeing how each visiting kid stopped to uniquely paint his or her pot. It was exciting to watch their ideas come to fruition on a small clay pot.

Our turn on the craft fair circuit may be finished until next spring, but we’ll cherish the fun memories we made for years to come. Take a look at a few of our favorite memories below and keep a look out for us at your neighborhood craft fair next Spring.