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What Can We Do for You?

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As Geranium Street continues to grow and adapt it’s nice to take a look back at how how far we’ve come. Originally selling only boxwood and boxwood hedges, we now offer a multitude of various products. We’re constantly changing and adapting to make sure you, our customers, are offered nothing but the best products and service. As we grow and add new options, we’re still asking the all important question, “What can we do for you?”

Here are just a few examples of our most recent custom projects we were honored to have created for our amazing customers. It’s amazing to see how we can start with something as simple as artificial boxwood and turn it into a little bit of magic.

Custom Living Wall

Recently, we were lucky enough to design, create and install a custom living wall for a hotel in Los Angeles. The living wall seamlessly mixes a variety of greenery and adds life to its environment. With a living wall, not only is an ordinary wall turned into a lively backdrop, but color is added, conversations are sparked and a three dimensionality is created.

Custom Hedges

America’s Pastime recently called and we were quick to answer. The El Paso Chihuahuas, the Triple A affiliate for the San Diego Padres, asked us to outfit one of their stadium suites with boxwood and media hedges. We were lucky to partner with this excellent organization and create custom hedges to help craft the look they wanted to offer their fans for an amazing ballpark experience.

Custom Spheres

Spanning three feet in diameter, we recently crafted a few of our largest boxwood balls yet. These magical spheres are a wonderful addition to any area, adding volume and dimensionality to your space. The larger size only adds to the possibilities these spheres hold.

With this list, we hope to show just how capable we are when it comes to turning artificial greenery into works of art. If you have an idea, or even just a notion, of something you’d like to create using artificial greenery, give Sales Manager Martin Portilla a call today at (760) 294-9063. He will gladly talk you through all that Geranium Street has to offer. No project is too small or too big. If you can dream it, we will do our best to help your dream become a reality.