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What's New at Geranium Street?

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We’ve recently introduced a few new “series” and products here at Geranium Street and I wanted to take a few moments to explain these exciting new changes to all of you. We are constantly striving to adapt and change to bring you, our customers, nothing but the best. Here’s a quick and informative rundown of our newest additions at GeraniumStreet.com:

  • Case Studies:

Case studies allow consumers to see how a certain product is applied to a certain situation from start to finish. Here at Geranium Street, we have decided to highlight our consumer base and how they decide to use our products. From artificial boxwood hedges at a wedding to trees creating privacy on a roof deck, our customers have amazing and creative ways to show off our products. Look through our index of Case Studies to get an idea of how you can use our products as well.

We have already spoken with representatives from The Lafayette Hotel and the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego about how they used artificial boxwood hedges and hedge mat respectively. If you are considering, or even just possibly pondering, using either of the aforementioned products, I would encourage you to check out our Case Studies tab and see how artificial boxwood completely transformed both hotel’s spaces. Check back in each week as we spaek with more and more people about how they put our products to use.

  • Artist of the Week:

Every other week we try to select and profile a local artist that inspires and captivates us. We will have an exclusive interview, share images of their work and hopefully provide an opportunity for you to purchase some of their work for yourself. At Geranium Street we love to see local artists following their passion and going after their dream. Offering a platform to showcase their talent is the least we can do.

Currently, we have two artist profiles shared on our site. Both established and skilled welders, our profiled artists walked us through their artistic process, shared their journey and offered advice to fellow artists. Check out our Artist of the Week series on the site for interviews and images of artists’ works. If you know a local artist, or you are one, and you’d like to be featured, email juliann@geraniumstreet.com with your name and chosen art form.

  • The Nerd Cube:

Our newest product, The Nerd Cube was inspired by the 20 sided die from Dungeons and Dragons and can house up to 15 small plants at once. A perfect centerpiece, desk topper or porch accessory, the Nerd Cube will surely add a touch of fun to your space. Fill it with succulents, flowers or anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless and the choice is up to you.

Available for purchase and delivered right to your door, the Nerd Cube arrives flat. Part of the Cube’s originality is its aluminum body and craft-able ease. If this makes you nervous, not to worry! We’ll show you how to bring it to life quickly and simply. Take a look at our “How To” video here and pick up a Nerd Cube for yourself today right here.

Stay tuned for more news and information as we continue to unveil new products and collaborative series throughout the year!