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David White

Name: David White

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Art Form: Steel and Welding

Our Favorite Quote from the Interview: “Make mistakes. If you’re going to make something, plan on making it three times because you’re going to mess it up everytime.”


Video Interview:

David White’s Journey: David White first began exploring and recognizing his passion for welding while traveling with the circus about 20 years ago. Working with lions and tigers, he first started by welding cages for the traveling circus. He has since harnessed his skill and passion for welding and continues to express himself through steel to this day.


David White was incredibly fun to get to know. His journey from a music degree to the circus to an accomplished welder has inspired us. We’re so happy to be able to share his story with all of you. You can support David White’s talent and passion by following the link above to purchase and/or check out more of his work. Thank you for supporting local artists. Stay tuned for next week’s featured artist.


If you’d like to submit an artist to be featured, or you’d like to be featured, email us at geraniumStreet@gmail.com with the subject line “Next Featured Artist” and some sample work. We’re always looking to help out more artists in their quest for greatness.


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