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Artificial Green Wall

Hedge Panels

Many residential property owners are choosing artificial boxwood hedge for their indoor and outdoor projects.

Artificial hedge panels can be quickly installed to obstruct unsightly views, create a privacy barrier or create the illusion of greenery. Hedge Panels are attractive to residential  owners because they look great and require little maintenance.

Custom solutions can include artificial flowers, natural plants and/or additional add-ons.

Featured Projects

Sorrento Valley: Custom Living Wall

This pharmaceutical company wanted to create a vibrant, fun common area for its employees to relax and come together on their breaks and lunch hours. To truly fulfill this vision, they wanted to include a large living wall to add color and life to the space.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Boxwood Hedge

The Jockey Club

Located in Carlsbad, California, The Jockey Club had a lovely fountain on the property they had surrounded by a live boxwood hedge. However, they couldn’t seem to keep the hedge alive due to chemicals in the water keeping the fountain clean, constantly blowing onto the hedge.


No Maintenance

Noise Reduction


Saves Water

UV Protection

Water Resistant

Happy Clients

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David Serna

Great product and amazing customer service. I love my artificial living wall, thank you!

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Jeff Hopkins

I heard the guy that owns this place is also a secret super villian. I don’t know if it’s true but I know they also sell awesome plants that never die so I guess it’s worth the risk.


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    Artificial Boxwood Flex Hedge (Custom)

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  • artificial hedge mat

    Artificial Boxwood Hedge Sheet 5′ x 7′

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  • Artificial Boxwood Mini Hedge

    Artificial Boxwood Mini Hedge

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    Artificial Commercial Hedges

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    Storefront Hedge

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Commercial Hedge Rental Solutions

Evergreen Event Rental is Southern California’s most unique event rental company. A division of Geranium Street USA, Evergreen was created due to the high demand for specialized event rentals for upscale and boutique events.

artificial boxwood hedge mat
artificial hedge mat
Artificial Hedge Mat
Artificial Hedge Mat

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