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The Seckelman Home


Case Study:

Geranium Street was proud to partner with Joe and Aya Seckelman to provide privacy hedges for their home in Encinitas, California. They rent out two bedrooms through Airbnb, and as homeowners, they wanted to ensure each occupant of their home was afforded a certain level of privacy, themselves included. A few years after the install we were lucky enough to catch up with the Seckelmans once again to discuss the products Geranium Street provided, how they helped and whether or not they would use or recommend us in the future.


Name: Joe and Aya Seckelman

Location: Encinitas, CA

Products Supplied/Purchased: Custom Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Reason for Purchase: Looking to Create Privacy


Video Testimonial:


Interview Highlights:

 Joe and Aya Seckelman reside in a lovely, modern home in Carlsbad, CA. The two of them offer their extra bedrooms for those looking to stay in Carlsbad slightly longer than your average hotel stay, but not long enough to warrant an apartment. Their home includes an inviting backyard, complete with a patio area and a jacuzzi. The privacy hedges provide a divisional barrier between the jacuzzi and large, open windows that look into one of the home’s bedrooms.


The Artificial Boxwood Hedges:

  • Successfully created a privacy barrier for the jacuzzi.

  • Crafted an additional private area on the patio next the the house.

  • The addition of the hedges allowed Joe and Aya to enjoy their hot tub, with a simultaneous feeling of privacy, even when other guests were staying in their home.

  • The completely maintenance free hedges still boast the bright, shiny green color that existed when the custom hedges were first delivered and set up.


Lasting Impression: Joe and Aya Seckelman are very pleased with their custom artificial boxwood hedges from Geranium Street. They both appreciate the additional level of privacy the hedges provided and the complete lack of needed maintenance. Now, as Joe pointed out, the jacuzzi can be enjoyed “au naturel” without fear of onlookers or judgement. The private patio section was an added bonus from the addition of the hedges, and both Joe and Aya love the newly created section for both Airbnb guests and themselves.


Words of Encouragement: Joe in particular was “thrilled” when the hedges were installed. He truly appreciated the privacy the artificial boxwood hedges created. In addition, Aya loved that she never had to tend to, trim or even worry about caring for the hedges. Two years in and the hedges have shown no indication of fading. People often ask the Seckelmans, “Is this real?” They both agreed, “[The hedges] are a good investment. We’re real happy with it.” Aya revealed she would “absolutely” recommend Geranium Street to friends looking to create privacy.


Advice: Aya recommends that you make a list of how you plan to or wish to use your space. From there, you can choose the “design, shape and kind of artificial greens” that will work best.


Thank You: We want to thank Joe and Aya Seckelman for agreeing to meet and discuss their experience with Geranium Street and artificial boxwood hedges. We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help us share your story.