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The Wedding Centre



Case Study: The Wedding Centre


Geranium Street was proud to partner with The Wedding Centre at Lexus Escondido to provide privacy and space dividers for their extraordinary assortment of venues. A few months after the install we wanted to catch back up with with Amy Truesdale, Wedding Consultant at The Wedding Centre, to discuss the products Geranium Street provided, how they helped and whether or not Truesdale would use or recommend us in the future.


Name: Amy Truesdale

Location: The Wedding Centre at Lexus Escondido

Products Supplied/Purchased: 5 Custom Artificial Boxwood Hedges with Casters

Reason for Purchase: To divide space and create an alterable atmosphere for The Centre’s concert and wedding venues.


Video Transformation:

Interview Highlights:

Amy Truesdale is involved in planning roughly 15-20 events at The Centre each month. Events range from corporate meetings, to weddings, to concerts, and Truesdale noted that they had already used the hedges “for several of our events.” The locking casters have made the hedges easy to move throughout The Centre from outdoor jazz concerts to indoor gatherings.  


The Artificial Boxwood Hedges:

  • The presence of the hedges “creates a good ambiance” at each of the Wedding Centre’s events.

  • They were used for The Centre’s “Dogs on the Deck” event to “line the photo area and added a little more [of an] interactive experience.”

  • Have the ability to “change the atmosphere of the room itself.”

  • The recessed casters allow The Centre to “move them from one room to another really easily.”


Lasting Impression:

Overall, Truesdale is very pleased with both how the hedges turned out and what they bring to The Wedding Centre’s venues. Their ability to alter the ambiance of The Centre’s various venues seems to have opened up numerous possibilities for Truesdale and the many events she is involved with each month. The custom height of six feet allows the hedges to create privacy and serve as backdrops, while not falling victim to strong wind gusts or overly breezy days.


Words of Encouragement:

When asked if she would recommend the use of artificial boxwood hedges for events, Truesdale replied, “I would. I would say that they definitely change the experience and, depending on what you use them for, you can kind of change the atmosphere of the event itself.” The artificial boxwood hedges “have definitely encouraged people to feel more welcome in the space or they have peaked interest for our different spaces,” Truesdale explained.



Amy’s best advice to potential customers was to “think about the wind factor.” She went on to explain, “It was important to us to have the custom hedges that matched the height that was safe for our guests.” For an outdoor area where wind is a constant, it can be imperative to consider the optimum height of a hedge that will safely divide your space should gusts of wind decide to join your space.

In addition, Truesdale had some advice for us regarding our initial consumer reaction and follow up. Hoping to improve our customer relations with each order, we took that feedback to heart and appreciate the honesty. We strive to do better and be better with each order.


Thank You: We want to thank Amy Truesdale for agreeing to meet and discuss her experience with Geranium Street and artificial boxwood hedges. We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help us share your story.