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Artificial Green Wall


About Geranium Street


In 2014, Robert Smith, owner and operator of Geranium Street USA, Inc., began building this company from the ground up. Running the “shop” out of his garage with a team that included two people and himself, he was only just beginning to imagine what Geranium Street could become. Now, having moved to a larger location for a second time, it’s been a wild ride to see Robert’s dream become a successful reality.

Now Geranium Street USA proudly offers a variety of custom products. Once an installer of artificial grass, Robert Smith now challenges his team daily to create custom hedges, letters and living walls. The creative environment at Geranium Street USA is one that truly encourages us all to think outside of the box each and every day.

Out of our San Diego, California, warehouse we proudly work to make our clients’ dreams a reality. We would still be working out of Robert’s garage if it weren’t for our amazing clients. With each project, we learn something new and carry that knowledge into our next projects.

Our Mission

Defining aesthetically pleasing spaces and creating privacy with the use of artificial plants.

Helping our clients define their space and create privacy is something we are incredibly proud to do. We recognize that privacy is becoming more and more of a myth. In any way we can, we’re glad we can help our clients take back their right to privacy. Our living walls adorn the sides of malls to many commercial spaces throughout California.

In addition, out of Geranium Street, another business was formed as well: Evergreen Event Rental. The rental partner of Geranium Street USA, Evergreen now proudly serves Southern California, Austin, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada. With a variety of hedge sizes, an arch and boxwood hedge letters available for rental, Evergreen has been busy since 2016.

If you’re currently considering any artificial UV products for your own space , I’d encourage you to take a look and see what we’ve created for our clients in the past. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide our customers with top of the line, premium products.

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Defining aesthetically pleasing spaces and creating privacy through artificial plants.