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Discover our residential artificial boxwood and living wall solutions, designed to transform your home with lush, maintenance-free greenery. Create stunning vertical gardens and privacy screens with our realistic, eco-friendly products that perfectly blend aesthetics and durability for year-round beauty. Elevate your living space today!

Need us to install for you? We travel throughout the country to bring our fully customizable Artificial living walls to our customers. Are you in California? Visit our installation website for more information or call 760-978-7335

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Your home is your most important space for you and your family. It should provide a comfortable, peaceful, private space for your loved ones. But there’s always something that can ruin the peace, privacy and appeal in your house: an old wall or ugly fence, a nosey neighbor, a noisy street, dogs barking,  etc.


We know that renting a place has it’s limits with decorating like you want, but that doesn’t mean there are no solutions that are renter-friendly that can make your place beautiful while also giving you other extras like privacy or even noise reduction.

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