Upgrading an Artificial Boxwood Mat Wall with a Premium Artificial Living Wall

The Problem

The homeowner reached out to Geranium Street with a problem. Overlooking their pool was an artificial boxwood mat wall that had become dated and discolored. The homeowner wanted to replace the mat with a more premium artificial living wall that would add more color and life to the area. In order to install the new, higher-quality artificial living wall and remove the outdated material, they needed a full-service solution.

The Solution

Geranium Street provided the homeowner with an in-home estimate and custom design for an artificial living wall called “Oasis Mat.” Artificial plants and flowers were mixed into the design to give the wall additional color and liveliness. A full-service installation was also offered by Geranium Street, which included the replacement of the old, worn-out artificial boxwood mat with the newer, more expensive “Oasis Mat” artificial living wall.

The Result

The homeowner was ecstatic with how their artificial living wall project turned out. They found exactly what they were looking for in the “Oasis Mat,” which offered a high-end and organic appearance. For the homeowner, the process was fast and simple thanks to Geranium Street’s customized design and full-service installation, which included getting rid of the dated and fading imitation boxwood mat. The homeowner was able to enjoy their garden with no added hassles thanks to the new artificial living wall, which also improved the aesthetic attractiveness of their property. The backyard now has an enticing location for leisure and relaxation thanks to the artificial plants and flowers that provided additional color and life to the area.

Overall, Geranium Street outperformed the homeowner’s expectations by offering a premium, distinctive, and realistic-looking artificial living wall that suited their individual requirements and tastes.

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