Say Goodbye to Ugly Walls with Geranium Street Artificial Living Walls

Artificial living walls have become a popular solution for hiding ugly or graffiti-covered walls. These walls provide a lush and natural look while also serving practical purposes such as covering up unsightly graffiti or preventing future vandalism. One company that specializes in this field is Geranium Street.


Fence Extensions, Why Use Them?

Fence extensions have become more popular as the desire for privacy and antiquated fence zoning heights have been tested.


Our Newest Product: The LED Bubble Wall

The LED Bubble Wall is the newest addition to our stable of products. This will look fantastic in a hotel lobby, restaurant, nightclub, or the reception area at an office. It would also make a spectacular addition to a home bar or man cave.


La Volpe/Cedar Door Noise Reduction Project

Austin restaurant owners had a problem. They own two adjoining restaurants on Brazos Street in Downtown Austin – La Volpe, and The Cedar Door. La Volpe is a fine dining establishment, while The Cedar Door is more of a bar/nightclub.


DIY: Surfboard Living Wall

Recently, we came across a few images on Pinterest that peaked our interest. We saw a few surfboards that had been turned into living walls. Our curiosity and creativity immediately peaked and we wanted to see if we could build one of those for ourselves.


Los Angeles Rooftop

Our most recent installation led us to the heart of Los Angeles. We were tasked with adding privacy and redefining our client’s rooftop space.


Faux Living Walls: Puzzle Pieces

Our custom faux living walls instantly add color and creativity to any space. Whether you’re hoping to add dimensionality, a backdrop or just something a little unique, our faux living walls will surely take your space to the next level.


Creating Privacy

At Geranium Street, we are honored and proud to help our clients define their space and create privacy within it. Our most recent installation was no exception.

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