Transform Your Space: DIY Custom Hedge Rolls Made Easy

Key Takeaways Key Point Details Types of Hedge Rolls UV-rated, fire-retardant, various foliage types Benefits Low maintenance, durable, aesthetic appeal Choosing the Right Hedge Roll Purpose, area measurement, foliage type Installation Steps Tools, site prep, support structure, attaching rolls Maintenance Tips Cleaning, inspections, enhancing longevity Introduction Artificial hedge rolls offer a versatile and practical solution […]


Achieve ultimate home privacy with artificial boxwood hedges in 2024

As we move further into the 2020s, maintaining privacy around your home is more important than ever. One of the most effective and attractive solutions is installing artificial boxwood hedges. Geranium Street offers a wide selection of premium faux boxwood products to create a private oasis right in your own yard. The benefits of artificial […]


Fire Retardant Artificial Hedges: The Business Safety Essential for 2024

Key Points 1. Fire safety regulations for businesses are becoming stricter in 2024 2. Fire retardant artificial hedges help businesses meet safety standards 3. Artificial hedges offer aesthetic appeal and practical benefits 4. Geranium Street provides high-quality, fire retardant tested artificial hedge solutions Introduction As we progress further into the 2020s, fire safety regulations for […]


Why Fire Retardant Artificial Living Walls for Your Business is So Important in 2024

Key Points 1. Fire safety regulations are becoming stricter in commercial spaces 2. Fire retardant artificial living walls can help businesses meet safety standards 3. Artificial living walls offer aesthetic appeal and practical benefits 4. Geranium Street provides high-quality, fire retardant tested artificial solutions Introduction As we move further into the 2020s, fire safety regulations […]


Fire-Safe Foliage: Why NFPA 701 Method 2 Certified Artificial Boxwood Hedges Are the Future of Fencing in Fire-Prone Areas

Key Article Features Feature Description Safety First NFPA 701 Method 2 certified artificial boxwood hedges are tested for fire resistance, providing an essential safety layer for homes in wildfire-sensitive areas. Insurance Friendly Switching to fire-rated hedges can positively influence insurance policies, potentially lowering premiums and ensuring coverage. Aesthetic Appeal These artificial hedges offer a lush, […]


Elevating Safety and Aesthetics with Geranium Street’s Fire-Rated Artificial Plants

Key Takeaways Key Point Details Fire-Rated Safety Geranium Street’s artificial plants are treated with fire retardant technology, meeting NFPA 701 standards for added safety. Design Flexibility The products offer versatile design options suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. Low Maintenance and Longevity These artificial plants require minimal maintenance and are designed to last, retaining […]


Elevating Spaces with Artificial Fire Rated Living Walls: A Comprehensive Guide

Key Take Aways Aspect Key Points Product Range Premium artificial living walls, boxwood hedges, fake plants. Safety Standards NFPA 701 Method 2 tested for fire retardance. Custom Solutions Tailored for homes, businesses, and hospitality needs. Aesthetic and Practical Benefits Enhances aesthetics, offers privacy, revitalizes spaces. Company Milestones Founded in 2014, $3.6M in revenue, and a […]


The Comprehensive Guide to Artificial Living Walls and Their Benefits

Key Facts Fact Type Description Type Artificial Living Walls Purpose Enhancing aesthetics, improving air quality, reducing noise pollution Primary Uses Residential, Commercial, and Urban Spaces Maintenance Low to Moderate Cost Varies Lifespan Long-term with proper care Popular In Urban developments, eco-friendly projects, modern architecture Introduction Imagine a canvas of lush, vibrant greenery elegantly cascading down […]


The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Fire Retardant Boxwood: Safety Meets Aesthetics

1. Introduction In the realm of landscaping and outdoor decor, the quest for beauty often intertwines with the pursuit of safety. Artificial boxwood, with its lush green appearance and low maintenance, has become a favorite among homeowners and commercial property managers alike. But what if we could combine the aesthetic appeal of this faux foliage […]


Enchanting Green Facades: Artificial Boxwood Hedges Revolutionizing Spaces in 2023

Welcome to the world of Geranium Street, where urban landscapes transform into enchanting green vistas with the help of our versatile artificial boxwood hedges. As we step into 2023, businesses and homes alike are embracing this innovative solution to not only enhance aesthetics but also to serve various practical needs. From bustling restaurants in our […]

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