Los Angeles Home


Set amongst the hills of Los Angeles, our client’s newly purchased home had a rooftop with a truly amazing view of the surrounding landscape. Unfortunately, that view also came with a direct and easy line of sight to the main street. With the paparazzi being a main concern and constant invasion of privacy, our client needed a way to enjoy the rooftop without feeling violated by camera lenses.


artificial boxwood hedge installation

We needed to find a way to block the street view from the rooftop, without diminishing the entire view or detracting from the complete rooftop experience.


artificial boxwood hedge

Using custom artificial boxwood hedges, we lined the border of the rooftop facing the street. The hedges had an overall height of five feet, which blocked the street views, but allowed our client to continue enjoying the scenic views of Los Angeles. By weighing down the steel bases, we also minimized the effect wind gusts could have on the hedges.

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