Using an Artificial Living Wall to Transform an Unattractive Pool Wall

The Problem

A homeowner in the suburbs reached out to Geranium Street with a problem. They wanted the ugly, boring wall that overlooked their pool to be covered. The wall was a glaring eyesore that ruined the look of their backyard as a whole. In addition to covering the wall, the homeowner was searching for a solution that would bring some life and color to the space.

The Solution

Geranium Street provided the homeowner with an in-home estimate and custom design for an artificial living wall. The homeowner and Geranium Street collaborated throughout the design process in order to develop a final design that suited the homeowner’s requirements and tastes. The concept includes a variety of fake plants and flowers to give the wall some color and vitality. To develop a design that was specifically tailored to the homeowner’s area, the design underwent numerous iterations and was created by combining various artificial living wall materials with our premium mixed bush to add another element to the design.

The Result

The artificial living wall’s outcomes delighted the homeowner. The wall was changed from an eyesore to a lovely, lush garden that improved the backyard’s overall appeal. The area was given color and liveliness by the fake plants and flowers. The artificial living wall’s low care needs to be satisfied the homeowner as well. They didn’t have to bother about maintaining a regular garden, so they could enjoy their backyard.

Geranium Street was ultimately able to offer the owners a solution that changed their unattractive pool wall into a lovely, lush garden. The artificial living wall gave the space color, vibrancy, and little upkeep. The homeowner was able to have a special, one-of-a-kind design that suited their needs and tastes thanks to Geranium Street’s custom design process, which included numerous modifications and the blending of various artificial living wall materials. The homeowner was overjoyed with the outcomes.

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