Encinitas Oceanfront Home


Artificial Boxwood Hedge - before

This homeowner had trouble in the past creating privacy between her home and her neighbor’s. Both patio areas were separated by only a small wall and her neighbor’s property was constantly rented out for weekend gatherings by new people each weekend. She often found strangers staring into her home and over into her patio on the weekends.


Artificial Boxwood Hedge

We had to create privacy dividers that would be tall enough to create the desired level of privacy, but sturdy enough not to be affected by the strong breeze blowing in off the ocean. In addition, we couldn’t build the hedges too high, as the breathtaking ocean views would be blocked.


Artificial Boxwood Hedge

We built two, varied custom hedges in a weighted, Trex composite wood base with casters. The varied heights allowed the gorgeous view to be easily seen over the smaller hedge while the bigger hedge blocked the unwanted eyes from next door.

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