Using Artificial Living Walls to Convert an Unpleasant Wall into a Calm Oasis

The Problem

The customer had a large wall in their backyard that was an eyesore for everyone and could be seen from their living room. The client sought a way to enhance the view from their magnificent living room without making it too bright or distracting. Geranium Street was able to help with this.

The Solution

Artificial living walls were offered by Geranium Street as a solution. A sort of vertical garden known as artificial living walls uses fake plants and foliage to provide a natural-looking wall of greenery.

Any area can have these walls customized, and after installation, maintenance is little to nonexistent.

Design Process: Geranium Street collaborated extensively with the client to develop a design that met their specific needs. When designing the area, we took into account the surrounding decor and the client’s preferred aesthetic. In order to ensure the product held up in sunny southern California, we also made sure to incorporate UV living wall mats for the client. The final layout included a variety of fake living wall mats from our huge selection. To achieve the desired aesthetic, we let the customer blend several materials. The result was a serene, lovely wall that wasn’t too bright or distracting.

Installation: The installation was quick and simple, and the wall was usable within a few hours. The client loved the outcome and loved having a beautiful view from their living space.

The Result

This case study demonstrates how Geranium Street used artificial living walls to transform an ugly wall into a tranquil retreat. Artificial plants were employed to offer a low-maintenance option that was customized to the client’s requirements and aesthetic preferences. The client loved the outcome and loved having a beautiful view from their living space.

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