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Artificial Boxwood Hedge

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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Creates Evergreen Environments


Sometimes that creative bug finds just the right place to start pushing hard for you to express your inner joy in the form of some amazing work of yard art. What can you choose to do when that bug finds you? Week after week that relentless Sun pounds down on the yard you took time and spent money to craft... only to watch it fall like a bug under the control of a youngster, an ant and a magnification glass.


It's worth considering... the fusion of quite real looking synthetic greenery into the landscape in combination with all the lovely natural plants. This provides you the ability to keep your setting outside the limitations of water.

You might question the way we started online. We began selling our first product line in 2012 and it was our main product the Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat. The regular dimensions of the mat are 23.5 inches wide by 16 inches long and 1 inch high. The foliage of the mats are dense enough you can not see through the mats to any worthwhile amount.

We at Geranium Street do not immitate, we innovate. This means you can see items from us we actually developed ourselves, from the indoor lines to the 3 various outdoor UV rated boxwood hedge products. Indoor or out we have exactly what you need for any quality finished look.

We Started With Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mats

As our business has developed the shoppers keep suggesting to us how they love us for the good value and high quality products our company offers. We watch the different decor markets as we attempt to foresee the newest and most beautiful winners. We then style our very own designs for you at lower pricing.

This is Bob Smith and I just wanted to say "Thanks" for visiting our website.

Our entire focus is to provide you with the highest quality selections priced with respect for your wallet in mind. We hope you don't feel miserable when you look around for options in improving the look of your yard. An easy and cheap upgrade would be to hang a few Boxwood Balls. One such idea is a few basic time tested hedging using our Boxwood Bush. 

When You Are Looking For The Best Quality Artificial Boxwood Products At Wholesale Prices Give Me A Call And I Will Help You