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Beat the Heat

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This past week Southern California has been sweltering in the heat. With temperatures over 100 degrees plaguing the region, many are seeing their perfectly landscaped greenery begin to wilt and/or brown. With our expertly (and expensively) manicured greenery so vulnerable as summer comes to a close, some may be wondering, “What are my options?”

Geranium Street can provided the solutions to the problems the heat brings with it. With a variety of artificial greenery options available, including artificial boxwood, trees, ivy and flowers, Geranium Street’s artificial options are sure to help you beat the heat. Without faltering in the summer, nor shriveling in the winter, artificial greenery will last all year round. Best of all, most of Geranium Street’s artificial greenery options are UV rated, weather resistant and maintenance free.

Artificial boxwood can be used to craft privacy hedges, add privacy to existing structures or just liven up your space. A vibrant green, artificial boxwood will instantly add life and character to any space. In no time at all, you can completely transform an ordinary wall or backdrop into an interactive experience.

Options for Beating the Heat:

  • Artificial Boxwood
  • Artificial Ivy
  • Artificial Trees
  • Artificial Azaleas

Full of color and pop, Geranium Street’s artificial azaleas add flare and spice to any space. Instantly bring to life a room, table top or backyard in a matter of seconds. Artificial trees help to seamlessly divide space in any open areas. Artificial ivy can be added to an existing, bland fence to add privacy, color and style that will last through those excessively hot days.

If you’re currently trying to beat the heat, or just want to add a little year round pop and flare, I’d encourage you to take a look and see what Geranium Street’s products can do for you. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide its customers with top of the line artificial greenery. If you would like more information about Geranium Street’s vast array of artificial options, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 today for answers to any questions you may have.