Fence Extensions, Why Use Them?

Fence extensions have become more popular as the desire for privacy and antiquated fence zoning heights have been tested. The rise in McMansions and increased population density, safety concerns, and rising crime rates are some of the reasons why property owners are considering installing fence extensions or new fences.

Building a new fence is expensive as lumber prices and all construction has catapulted. Maintenance and even the availability of paint is a problem. Now try to find that inexpensive paint guy you hired last time…forget it!.

Artificial foliage and green walls are becoming a more attractive alternative as the post COVID economy emerges. Privacy if afforded by the leaves and may only be need as an addition to an existing fence. Maintenance is a no brainer and it requires no water requirements.

Natural hedges may be used but they com with several downfalls. Roots, maintenance, water damage, etc.

Artificial trees and hedges can be used as a fence extension by placing them in front or behind the fence. Artificial hedges can easily replace any natural hedges without the hassle of maintaining them or the damage they may cause. Since summer is near and pools will be on demand, what better way to create privacy with some fence extensions?

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