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Installation: Living Wall

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I am excited to finally be able to share with all of you our latest installation and our first of the new year. Last week, we finished up one of our largest installations: a living wall at the Topanga Canyon Westfield Mall. The living wall was over 48 feet tall and 88 feet long at its furthest points. In the end, we were honored to have been chosen to play a part in this exciting project.

Using a mixture of our medium green, long leaf and light green boxwood hedge mat, succulent mat, fern mat and dragon mat, we created this custom living wall. Our premium products are all UV Rated, weather resistant and maintenance free. Now that the wall has been installed, there will be no need to water or care for it in any way.

The new wall is a stark contrast to the previously boring, clear panels hanging from the mall’s parking garage. The fluid design and mix of greenery brings the wall to life in a way we could only dream of. The wall is much more welcoming and eye catching than ever before.

Why Living Walls?

  • Add Dimensionality and Character
  • Bring Life into a Space
  • Add Color and Flavor
  • Eye Catching and Different
  • Great Backdrops

Living Walls are slowly becoming more and more popular. As for us, we could not be more excited about this. We appreciate every chance we get to take our products and create a custom design to change a client’s space.

If you’re currently pondering the notion of teaming up with us to add a living wall to your space, I’d encourage you to take a look and see the magical living walls we’ve created in the past. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide our customers with top of the line, custom made living walls. If you would like more information about the possibilities that lie ahead when you choose to design your dream living wall with us, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 or email geraniumstreet@gmail.com today for answers to any questions you may have.