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Artificial Green Wall

La Volpe/Cedar Door Noise Reduction Project

17 Dec, 2018 @ 10:00 PM
artificial boxwood hedges
Existing wall with dying plants

Austin restaurant owners had a problem. They own two adjoining restaurants on Brazos Street in Downtown Austin – La Volpe, and the The Cedar Door. La Volpe is a fine dining establishment, while The Cedar Door is more of a bar/nightclub. Noise was bleeding through from one restaurant to the other, causing complaints from patrons. In addition to that, they had live plants situated on the wall between the two restaurants and that was causing a water problem.

The owners called Geranium Street to come up with a solution. Geranium Street had previously done noise reduction projects when they installed artificial hedges lined with mass loaded vinyl around noisy AC units on a rooftop swimming pool area in Hollywood, CA. Mass loaded vinyl is one of the best soundproofing materials available. On top of that, artificial hedge deflects sound much better than hard flat surfaces.

Mass Loaded Vinyl is added for noise reduction

Mass Loaded Vinyl for Noise Reduction

The pros at Geranium Street proposed installing artificial boxwood hedge lined with mass loaded vinyl between the two restaurants. The restaurant owners went for it and Geranium Street designers went to work, custom manufacturing the hedges at their facility in Las Cruces, NM. The owners wanted the installation done before Thanksgiving, which was only two weeks away. Geranium Street did not disappoint. The construction took four days and then the installation took another four.

Artificial Hedge is added

The restaurant owners were very pleased with the outcome. The artificial hedge separating the two restaurants not only looked great, but it reduced the noise considerably. The live plants that were an ongoing problem were removed, solving the moisture problem. Geranium Street used the finest flame retardant artificial hedge mats available. The mass loaded vinyl helps tremendously with noise reduction. This same kind of installation is also frequently used for graffiti prevention – vandals look for easier look for easier targets than faux green walls.

Geranium Street pros do finishing touches

Now, the fine diners at La Volpe can enjoy intimate dinners without having to shout at each other, and the patrons at The Cedar Door can party hard until closing time. Geranium Street has offices in Escondido, CA, and Austin, Texas. They do custom installations of artificial hedge and faux living walls all over the Southwest.    

Handsome Artificial Hedge separates two restaurants