Say Goodbye to Ugly Walls with Geranium Street Artificial Living Walls

custom artificial living wallArtificial living walls have become a popular solution for hiding ugly or graffiti-covered walls. These walls provide a lush and natural look while also serving practical purposes such as covering up unsightly graffiti or preventing future vandalism. One company that specializes in this field is Geranium Street.

Geranium Street is a company that provides artificial living walls for a variety of purposes. One of the main uses of their products is to conceal ugly or graffiti-covered walls. These walls can be an eyesore for both residents and businesses, and can negatively impact the aesthetic of a community. With an artificial living wall from Geranium Street, these unsightly walls can be transformed into a beautiful, natural-looking landscape.

In addition to concealing ugly walls, Geranium Street’s artificial living walls can also serve as a preventative measure against graffiti. The dense foliage of an artificial living wall can make it difficult for vandals to reach the wall behind it, discouraging them from tagging it in the first place. This can save property owners and municipalities the cost and hassle of constantly having to remove graffiti from their walls.

Geranium Street’s artificial living walls are not only functional but also beautiful. They can be customized to suit any aesthetic or design, and can even be made to look like real plants. This makes them a versatile option for both residential and commercial properties, whether it’s a private home or a public building.

One of the most remarkable features of Geranium Street products is the durability and low maintenance required. Artificial plants are made of high-density polyethylene material, UV resistant and waterproof which can withstand extreme weather conditions and keep their vibrant colors for years to come.

Overall, Geranium Street’s artificial living walls are a great solution for concealing ugly or graffiti-covered walls while also preventing future vandalism. They provide a natural and beautiful aesthetic, are low maintenance, and also have long-lasting durability.

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