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Fence Extension

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Is your fence simply a little too short for your liking? Maybe you’d like to add a little privacy to your home, or maybe you’d like to see a little less of your neighbor’s late night skinny dipping. Either way, Geranium Street can extend your fence to the height you desire with the use of artificial boxwood.

Fence extension through the use of artificial boxwood is both effective and stunning. There’s no need to bother with additional bricks, cement or stucco. In addition, you won’t have to hassle with intense construction that could take weeks to complete. Instead, let Geranium Street install your fence extension in no time at all.

Artificial boxwood adds beauty and purpose to your once short and plain wall. The boxwood is UV rated, maintenance free and weather resistant. Once installed, the boxwood will beam a bright green year round. The boxwood appears real to both sight and touch, making your fence extension a seamless addition to your existing structure.

Benefits of a Boxwood Fence Extension:

  • Adds Height and Beautifies the Existing Fence
  • Noise Cancelling Abilities
  • Quick, Simplistic Installation
  • Creates Privacy

The benefits of an artificial boxwood fence extension are many, the above list is just the tip of the iceberg. The boxwood extension can be attached to nearly any existing structure. In needed, structured hedges can be built and attached to the top of your fence. The hedges will simultaneously extend the fence and add dimensionality.

If you’d like any additional info on how to add an artificial boxwood fence extension and create privacy for and around your home, give Sales Manager, Martin Portilla, a call today at (760) 294-9063. Geranium Street would be honored to help create privacy via a fence extension. If something as simple as the addition of an artificial boxwood fence extension can make you feel safe in and around your home again, wouldn’t it be worth it?