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With each order, we at Geranium Street like to check in after set up to see how our customers are enjoying our products and/or how we can improve. Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to sit down, interview and talk about our product’s after effects. Walk through past orders with us to get real customer feedback and hear any future recommendations our customers may have for potential buyers. These first person case studies are meant to help you, our customers, decide whether Geranium Street is the right choice when it comes to defining space and creating privacy.

Geranium Street was proud to partner with Impulse San Diego and The Lafayette Hotel to provide artificial boxwood hedges for a recent event. After the event wrapped we wanted to catch up with Nicholas Sanders, Catering Sales Manager for The Lafayette to discuss the products Geranium Street provided, how they helped and whether or not Sanders would use or recommend us in the future.

Name: Nicholas Sanders

Occupation: Catering Sales Manager at The Lafayette

Job Description: Sanders plan events big and small. From corporate events to weddings to private parties, he handles it all.

Event: Impulse San Diego’s “Big Hard Talk”

Location: The Lafayette Hotel Swim Club & Bungalows

Products Supplied: 18 Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Interview Highlights: Sanders proclaimed Geranium Street’s artificial hedges in The Lafayette’s Conservatory room “changed the space entirely…It just made the whole room feel like it was a garden, as opposed to it being inside a hotel.”

He went onto explain that the artificial hedges “made [the event] feel more private.”

Furthermore, Sanders said, “having the hedges kind of blocking the view of what’s going on adds another layer of privacy to the room outside of having to have security man every door…”

“Specifically, I found [the hedges] very beneficial in controlling who has access to the room. It is a private event and The Conservatory probably has 10 doors that access that one room…having the hedges up blocking a good portion of those doors really helped keep people from walking into an event.”

Lasting Impression: Nicholas Sanders seemed to truly appreciate and enjoy having artificial boxwood hedges act as the main source of privacy for Impulse San Diego’s “Big Hard Talk” event.

The Artificial Hedges:

Created professional and seamless barriers keeping non-event goers and hotel guests from crashing the festivities.

Created privacy between the conservatory and the connecting lobby, hallways, restaurant and large windows. While small signs or ropes might normally be put up to restrict access to an event, they are often and easily ignored and stepped over.

Beneficially restricted access to the private event.

Words of Encouragement: Sanders said he would highly recommend Geranium Street and the use of artificial hedges to “all of my clients and anyone else who’s in the catering industry.”

Advice: Nicholas Sander’s left potential customers with a strong piece of advice: “take accurate measurements.” Before you place your order, make sure you have taken correct measurements so you don’t end up with too many or too few hedges.

Geranium Street does offer a consultation in which we will come out to take a look at your space to advise the best course of action.

Thank You: We want to thank Nicholas Sanders for agreeing to meet and discuss his experience with Geranium Street and artificial hedges. We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help us share this story.

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