Transforming an Unappealing Wall into a Serene Sanctuary with Artificial Living Walls



In a world where urbanization is taking over, the desire to incorporate greenery and nature into our living spaces has become increasingly important. Geranium Street, a company dedicated to providing artificial living wall solutions, was approached by a customer who sought to improve the aesthetics of their backyard by converting an unattractive wall into a calming oasis.



The customer was facing a significant issue with the aesthetics of their backyard space. They had a large, unattractive wall that was not only an eyesore for everyone in the vicinity but also prominently visible from their living room, detracting from the overall appeal of their home. The client was eager to find a solution that could enhance the view from their beautifully designed living room without making the space overly bright or distracting for themselves and their guests. They were also concerned about the potential maintenance requirements, as well as ensuring that the chosen solution would complement their existing decor and preferred aesthetic.

The challenge was to find an innovative and visually pleasing solution that would effectively transform the unsightly wall into a calming, natural-looking oasis, while also addressing the customer’s concerns regarding maintenance, brightness, and blending with the existing environment. Geranium Street, a company specializing in artificial living wall solutions, was approached to help tackle this problem and provide a suitable, customized solution for the client.



Geranium Street presented the concept of artificial living walls as an ideal solution to address the customer’s concerns and meet their aesthetic preferences. Artificial living walls, sometimes

 referred to as vertical gardens, are created using high-quality faux plants and foliage, which mimic the appearance of real greenery. These walls provide a visually stunning and natural-looking

 display of greenery that can be tailored to suit any space, style, or preference. One of the key advantages of artificial living walls is their minimal to nonexistent maintenance requirements, which made them a particularly attractive option for the client.

By offering a versatile and customizable solution, Geranium Street ensured that the client’s unique needs were met while taking into

 account their existing decor and desired aesthetic. Additionally, to address the concern of potential damage caused by the sunny southern California climate, the company incorporated UV-resistant living wall mats into the design. This ensured that the artificial living wall would maintain its vibrant appearance and durability over time, providing the client with a long-lasting and visually appealing solution that successfully transformed their unsightly backyard wall into a serene, calming oasis.


Design Process:

Geranium Street worked closely with the client to develop a design that catered to their specific needs. While designing the area, factors such as the surrounding decor and the client’s preferred aesthetic were taken into consideration. To ensure the product’s durability under the sunny southern California climate, UV living wall mats were incorporated into the design for the client. The final design comprised a mix of artificial living wall mats from Geranium Street’s extensive collection, allowing the customer to blend various materials to achieve their desired aesthetic. The end result was a tranquil, visually pleasing wall that wasn’t overly bright or distracting.



The installation process for the artificial living wall was expertly managed by Geranium Street’s skilled team, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for the client. The team began by carefully preparing the area and attaching the customized UV-resistant living wall mats to the unattractive wall. Throughout the installation, attention was given to detail, guaranteeing that the final result would be both visually striking and structurally sound.

The entire process was completed in a matter of hours, minimizing disruption to the client’s daily routine. Once installed, the wall was immediately functional and ready to be enjoyed. The client was delighted with the swift and professional installation, and the transformation of the previously unsightly wall into a picturesque, calming backdrop for their living space. The success of the installation process further solidified Geranium Street’s reputation for providing high-quality, customizable artificial living wall solutions to their clients.



This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Geranium Street’s artificial living walls in transforming an unpleasant wall into a peaceful haven. By employing artificial plants, the company was able to offer a low-maintenance solution that was tailored to the client’s requirements and aesthetic preferences. The client was delighted with the outcome, enjoying a visually appealing view from their living space that enhanced their overall quality of life.

Geranium Street’s commitment to providing innovative and eco-friendly solutions for its customers showcases the potential of artificial living walls to transform urban spaces into lush, green retreats. These walls not only improve the aesthetics of a space but also contribute to the overall well-being and mental health of those who interact with them. Artificial living walls represent a viable option for those looking to bring nature into their homes or businesses while minimizing the maintenance requirements typically associated with traditional gardening methods.

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