Regain your privacy with Faux Foliage

Regain Your Privacy with Faux Foliage

Make your space private again or use our hedge mats to cover unwanted objects or areas

Cover Cameras

Great for blocking areas where your neighbor’s camera is pointing at

No Peekers

Provides total privacy from people passing close to you home or business


It not only provides privacy but beautifies any outdoor or indoor space

No Maintenance

Our products are UV resistant and require no water so you can just enjoy the view

Custom Solutions

Every problem is unique, so our solutions are custom to your needs

Quick Turnaround

Installation is fast and can be done in a day depending on the size of the project

Soya McMullen
Soya McMullen
July 15, 2022.
Excellent quality product. Staff and the owner are exceptional people. Lately prices are bit high probably due to covid . Yet if they have what I need I will buy it from them because of the longevity of the product.
J. B.
J. B.
June 14, 2020.
Couldn't be happier with communication, product and installation. Strongly recommend.
Jeanne Egan
Jeanne Egan
January 27, 2020.
Love the faux ficus mat! Installed it on a wall behind a restoration hardware fountain. Framed it in custom foam trim. Gorgeous product, reasonably priced, and delivered quickly.
Jeff Hopkins
Jeff Hopkins
February 14, 2018.
I heard the guy that owns this place is also a secret super villian. I don't know if it's true but I know they also sell awesome plants that never die so I guess it's worth the risk.
Benjamin Marnane
Benjamin Marnane
June 10, 2017.
Highly recommend!

Many Leaf Options

We offer more than 10 different realistic leaf options that you can mix and match as you want. We help you design your space no matter if it’s small or big.

Fast Installation

Once the design is finalized and authorized by you, our installation team comes to your property and installs the artificial hedges quickly and efficiently.

Need us to install for you? We travel throughout the country to bring our fully customizable Artificial living walls to our customers. Are you in California? Visit our installation website for more information or call 760-978-7335

Save Money

Since our product is artificial there is no need for maintenance. You save water, you save money from gardening services. Our hedges are UV resistant so there is no sun damage.

No Maintenance

Noise Reduction


Saves Water

UV Protection

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you don’t see a solution here we can still help you, contact us and we can customize one for you.

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