Sorrento Valley: Custom Living Wall


Artificial Green Wall - before

This pharmaceutical company wanted to create a vibrant, fun common area for its employees to relax and come together on their breaks and lunch hours. To truly fulfill this vision, they wanted to include a large living wall to add color and life to the space.


Artificial Green Wall

The design of this wall was something we had not done before, but we were more than up for the challenge. The gaps in the wall had to be exactly 18” wide throughout the wall and the precise angles needed to be measured and matched. In addition, the wall was 80’ long, 13’ high and was on the second floor.


Artificial Green Wall

We created custom paneling, separating each portion of the wall into sections we could easily build and install. We drilled into the existing concrete structure with ease and carefully attached each panel to the wall. This custom living wall was created using our Medium Green Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat, Artificial Succulent Mat and Dragon Mat. The clean, crisp lines truly made this space come alive.

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