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The Jockey Club

15 Nov, 2018 @ 4:15 PM


Located in Carlsbad, California, The Jockey Club had a lovely fountain on the property they had surrounded by a live boxwood hedge. However, they couldn’t seem to keep the hedge alive due to chemicals in the water keeping the fountain clean, constantly blowing onto the hedge.


To achieve a year-round look of lively greenery, we knew the best solution was to build a custom artificial hedge to match the existing, struggling boxwood hedge. This hedge had to be built to match the fountain’s curvature and structure.


We fabricated a custom frame and installed the custom hedge to pleasantly surround the fountain. The custom hedge not only matched the curvature of the fountain, but it also matched the heightened features and included a hidden port to access the water control panels for the fountain if it became necessary to do so.

Products Used