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Introducing: The Christmas Cradle

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Brand new and available exclusively from Geranium Street, the Christmas Cradle is here just in time for the holidays. A perfect centerpiece, desk topper or porch accessory, the Christmas Cradle seamlessly brings holiday fun into your space. Add candles, ornaments, photos or anything else you can think of to the mini stand. The possibilities are endless and the choice is up to you this Christmas.

Inspired by the love we have for Christmas and the emotions the holidays bring with them, the Christmas Cradle was made to add unique holiday flare this season. Crafted at our own shop in San Diego, California, this fun accessory can hold up to four props at one time. The concise cut and pine tree green color make the Christmas Cradle stand out. It’s a holiday decoration unlike any other and one that’ll surely have your holiday party guests taking notice.

The Christmas Cradle is not only perfect for Christmas, but its subtle design makes it able to stay out as part of your home decor year round. Decorate the stand each season to match the atmosphere in your home. There’s no wrong way to use the Christmas Cradle.

What to do with Your Christmas Cradle:

  • A Centerpiece: Place it in the middle of your kitchen, dining or coffee table to spark a conversation and call attention to your fun holiday decor.
  • A Porch Accessory: Place your Christmas Cradle by your front door as a fun and special greeting to each person coming to your home.
  • Your Desk: Never lose that holiday spirit when the Christmas Cradle graces the top of your office desktop..

The Christmas Cradle would make the perfect addition to any space. The above location list is only to get your creative juices flowing. The possibilities are truly endless. I’d love to know where you would put a Christmas Cradle or where you plan to put yours once it’s delivered. Let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in a Christmas Cradle, just email geraniumstreet@gmail.com today and we’ll get yours packed and shipped as soon as we can. Include a link to this blog post in your email and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your purchase of a Christmas Cradle. Located in Southern California, Geranium Street USA is proud to provide our customers with top of the line, custom made products. If you would like more information about the possibilities that await when you choose Geranium Street, don’t hesitate to call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063.

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