Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

In 2015, the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego completed a beautiful, but extensive, renovation.  During the renovation, construction crews and machinery were working on restaurants, the courtyard and the back of the Hyatt. During this time, Geranium Street was proud to partner with the Hyatt to provide hedge mat to cover an existing transparent fence separating the construction from guests and hotel visitors. In addition, a hedge wall was created around the hotel’s jacuzzi to hide a backdrop that had begun to fall apart. Recently, we caught up with Rick Mitrovich, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego’s Director of Events, to discuss the products Geranium Street provided, how they helped and whether or not he would use or recommend us in the future.

Name: Rick Mitrovich

Occupation: Director of Events at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego

Job Description: Mitrovich and his team take care of any event that takes place on the Hyatt’s property. They handle the sales and services of thousands of events each month from conventions to weddings to banquets.

Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California

Products Supplied/Purchased: Hedge Mat and Hedge Wall


Interview Highlights:

At the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, artificial boxwood hedge mat was used to shield unsightly construction work from guests and replace a failing lattice at the pool. In both cases, the artificial boxwood exceeded expectations. To this day, the hedge wall stands tall and beautiful as a curvature around the jacuzzi on the Hyatt’s pool deck.

The Hedge Mat:

Succeeded in keeping “workers and machines” from guest’s views.

Provided the “nice look” Hyatt guests have come to expect from the renowned hotel.

Started the renovations out on a “nice, positive note.” Rather than a loose, chain link fence and sporadic signs that read “Under Construction,” the Hyatt chose the hedge mat to showcase that even during renovations the hotel would look exceptional for its guests.

Covered a failing lattice behind the Hyatt’s jacuzzi by creating a lovely hedge wall curvature that fits right in with the hotel’s poolside atmosphere.

Lasting Impression:

Mitrovich’s goal in using the hedge mat was to create a “nice look.” The hotel industry places a lot of importance on looks and visibility. Even with the San Diego Bay and Coronado Bridge serving as the Hyatt’s backdrop, construction work can easily scare away potential guests. “We have a lot of high end customers. When you say you’re under renovation, they start to cringe,” Mitrovich explained. The hedge mat shielded guests from the “eyesore” that construction can be and helped them see how hard the Hyatt was only working to become even more of a beautiful and effective meeting place.

Words of Encouragement: When asked if he would recommend the use of hedge mats for hotels looking to create added privacy or hide anything unsightly during renovations, Mitrovich replied, “All of the above. I think it just makes things look nicer…it adds a lot.” He went on to say he would “certainly feel comfortable in recommending [Geranium Street] to anybody else.”

Advice: Mitrovich said that the use of artificial boxwood hedges and hedge mat would “only upgrade the look of what you have already. It’s much better than a wooden partition, pipe and drape, any of those other kind things.” Artificial boxwood “works out and looks nice too.”

Thank You: We want to thank Rick Mitrovich for agreeing to meet and discuss his experience with Geranium Street and artificial hedge mat. We truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to help us share this story.

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