Solana Beach Home


This homeowner was tired of the maintenance and unruliness of his bamboo and vines growing in the backyard. The bamboo would grow up and out, often falling into the pool. The vines along the side fence kept jutting out, making the pathway along the fence hard to access. To solve these problems and keep some privacy in the backyard, he wanted to replace the live foliage with artificial boxwood hedges.


Our client wanted to be sure to keep the height and level of privacy his live greenery provided. To do this, we needed to create a freestanding 10’ tall hedge behind the pool and an 11’ tall hedge wall along the side yard.


We used galvanized steel posts to anchor our artificial boxwood hedges and hedge panels while achieving the desired height. We anchored the freestanding wall into poured concrete and the side wall panels to the existing concrete wall. Once complete, the backyard was free from unruly greenery and looked pristine. The artificial boxwood hedges transformed our client’s backyard in no time at all, leaving him with more space, a cleaner look and the promise of no more maintenance.

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