The Cove Hotel


Located in Long Beach, The Cove Hotel is a new addition to the coastal Los Angeles community. Needing to block the view and access from the main parking lot to an employee only area, our client was looking to create a functional piece of greenery. He hoped to block the view, while giving guests something nicer to look at as they pulled in the parking lot.


artificial green wall installation

We needed to build a freestanding structure to separate the direct line of sight and severe the existing easy access. The structure would need to be permanently installed and be able to withstand coastal winds. In addition, we would need to add a custom designed living wall with a mix of greenery.


artificial green wall

We resolved to build a freestanding trellis with a custom living wall facing toward the parking lot. Welding a steel, exterior frame and using concrete to secure it to the ground, we installed the freestanding frame first. Next, we installed the custom, geometric design living wall. The wall was made using artificial boxwood, succulent mat, fern mat and red azaleas.

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