Fireproof Mats

Artificial boxwood hedges

On top of their design value, fire resistant mats ensure public spaces meet or exceed state and municipal fire code requirements.

In addition to their fire safety, our custom hedges and mats also uphold an excellent lifelike appearance.  Interior designs that incorporate greenery throughout achieve a certain vibrancy that only plant life can bring, and the decision to use faux plants should not take away from that authentic live feel.

Designers, architects and project planners will find a range of uses for an attractive fire resistant indoor and outdoor hedge from the practical to the creative, and all while ensuring their spaces meet or exceed state and municipal fire code requirements.

Custom solutions can include artificial flowers, natural plants and/or additional add-ons.

Featured Projects

Sorrento Valley: Custom Living Wall

This pharmaceutical company wanted to create a vibrant, fun common area for its employees to relax and come together on their breaks and lunch hours. To truly fulfill this vision, they wanted to include a large living wall to add color and life to the space.

Artificial Green Wall
Artificial Hedge Mat

The Cove Hotel

Located in Long Beach, The Cove Hotel is a new addition to the coastal Los Angeles community. Needing to block the view and access from the main parking lot to an employee only area, our client was looking to create a functional piece of greenery.


No Maintenance

Noise Reduction


Saves Water

UV Protection

Water Resistant


artificial boxwood hedge
artificial boxwood hedge
Artificial Hedge Mat
artificial green wall
artificial green wall
custom artificial living wall

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David Serna

Great product and amazing customer service. I love my artificial living wall, thank you!

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Jeff Hopkins

I heard the guy that owns this place is also a secret super villian. I don’t know if it’s true but I know they also sell awesome plants that never die so I guess it’s worth the risk.

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  • Artificial Ficus Leaf Mat (12 ct.)

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  • Artificial Fire Rated Ficus Leaf Mat (12 ct.)

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  • Artificial UV Outdoor Succulent Mat

    Artificial Succulent Mat Fire Retardant 4ct

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Commercial Hedge Rental Solutions

Evergreen Event Rental is Southern California’s most unique event rental company. A division of Geranium Street USA, Evergreen was created due to the high demand for specialized event rentals for upscale and boutique events.

artificial boxwood hedge mat
artificial hedge mat
Artificial Hedge Mat
Artificial Hedge Mat

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