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Artificial Green Wall


Geranium Street U.S.A. specializes in custom installation & design, and allows customization of our living walls, artificial hedges, faux trellis, and more. Custom Artificial Hedges, made with any type of foliage & to any size, create beautiful barriers that will seamlessly fit into any space. Geranium Street U.S.A. even crafts Artificial Hedges into custom shapes like our Love Letters, lifesize letters that have all of the benefits of our standard Artificial Boxwood Hedge. Living walls from Geranium Street U.S.A. can be made with a custom pattern or logo, and combine lush live plant aquaponics with durable artificial plants. Whatever you’re envisioning for your home or garden, Geranium Street U.S.A. can deliver an affordable and realistic creation that will meet your schedule requirements.

  • artificial boxwood hedge mat

    Artificial Boxwood Flex Hedge (Custom)

    Contact us at (760) 421-5249
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  • Artificial Boxwood Hedge Letters

    Artificial Boxwood Hedge Letters (Custom)

    Contact us at (760) 421-5249
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